Eternal fight of day and night

Shooting at night


What do you like more, day or night? I like daytime – well, obviously, because I’m a wedding photographer. I prefer working outdoors, and if you are hunting for a perfect picture of a butterfly, you don’t think about the play of light like you would at the studio. You forget about everything else and just enjoy the process.


I like shooting in the country, away from the urban fuss, where the colors are brightest and the views are most spectacular. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have an eye for cityscapes. The thing is that you can use those street lights and neon signboards, and they look best at night, because their shining colors attract attention and make you stop and watch them. I feel a bit uncertain about taking photos in the dusk, so I study each night painting, like the one here, to learn how every detail, insignificant at daytime, becomes crucial at twilight.


The artist who created this picture knows everything about light and shadows. Leonid Afremov has his own vision of beauty, and I totally share his night painting ideas. Inspired by his canvases, I often leave my home on a rainy evening, take my camera with me, and I guess, I’m learning quickly, because my pics are getting better each time!


What’s so peculiar about it?


You can’t say what attracts you when you see paintings by Leonid Afremov for the first time. Here are a few things that I noticed:

  • His pictures are very simple, but that’s the whole point. You don’t have to search for any context, any intellectual hints or hidden messages. At the same time, there are plenty of small ideas you can think of.
  • Buildings and parks are great, but I’m most impressed by empty streets – just a bare road sparkling under the lamp posts. It gives me a meditative, existential feeling. And when you see a lonely silhouette down that road, you start inventing a whole story about that person, what are they doing at this place and in this time. I think it’s awesome!
  • I found out that every season, weather and place is good; you should just know how to depict them. Even a dark night can explode with dozens of bright lights that are merrily reflected in the shiny surfaces of the rain-washed city.

I try to keep these things in mind every time I’m taking my cam for a night walk. Now I know that I shouldn’t rush for the perfect scenery, cause each place is beautiful, and my task is to see this beauty, even if it’s not immediately obvious!


Inspiration is all around

There are times when I’m stuck on something, and new ideas don’t wanna come to me. At moments like that, I take my laptop and surf the web. You might not realize it, but it’s full of ideas and stuff made by other people… Some of them can be pretty inspiring. Once I was hanging out at my favorite online store and found this page: Martha Ducoing… This woman definitely belongs to the world of art, though her profession has nothing to do with it. She proves one more time that, no matter who you are, you can still be an artist and create wonderful things. You can find the most incredible stuff on her page: clocks, dolls, bags, notebooks and god knows what else. She discovered her strong sides and I can only hope to do the same, some day… Looking at people like her, I think that I, too, can do better than I’m doing now. It’s too easy to get lost in routine and spend years running in circles while our cherished dreams remain unrealized. Seeing others realize theirs makes me believe there is hope for me yet… So I go to the nearest store, come home with bags full of handmade supplies and set to work. This is how my best toys are born. Perhaps it’s time for me to set up my own account at Etsy?..


Greetings from Kansas!

Have you ever been to Lawrence? It’s not only the brothers Winchesters’ birthplace, but also a very beautiful city with nice architecture and important universities. Let me be your guide and I will show you its utter beauty! My name is Kelly Garcia, and I am a wedding photographer. I’ve done photo sessions for a good dozen of couples and hope to open my own studio one day… Meanwhile, I’m hunting for interesting settings worth capturing on tape for my future projects. Whenever I put off my camera, I get busy making small things with my hands. My friends say I can make money from my stuff… But they are like kids to me, I can’t give them away! Well, that’s all you need to know about me so far… See you here in a few days!